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Part Name
Angle Drive
Axle Clip
Cable End - Drive End
Cable End - Head End
Cable End Nut - Coarse
Cable End Nut - Fine
Cable Housing
Cable Tip - Drive End
Cable Tip - Head End
Clamp Bar
Clock Bracket
Clock Light Bracket
Complete Set
Direct Drive
Drive Bracket
Drive Clamp
Frame Clamp
Geared Head to Cable Angle
Head Angle Housing
Head Bracket
Head Nipple
Head to Cable Angle
Jones Head Angle Drive Gear
Jones Motorcycle Angle Drive
Pinion Gear
Side Drive Head Gear
Side Drive Head Nipple
Speedometer Bezel Trim
Spindle Arm Clamp
Spindle Arm L Bracket
Spindle Arm
Spindle Stud
Split Drive
Swivel Bracket
Swivel Clamp
Tachometer Drive
Transmission Clamp
Transmission Drive
Transmission Mount Gear
Wheel Gear
   AC (2)
   Corbin (2)
   Ford Special (1)
   Generic (1)
   Johns-Manville (3)
   Jones (8)
   Stewart (44)
   Unknown (19)
   Veeder (9)
AC-48-7102AC30T, 8P
Cor-48-5308Corbin92T, 9P, Motorcycle
Cor-48-7099Corbin85T, 9P, #S223E
FS-48-5304Ford Special35T, 8P, (13 repro.)
Gen-48-5298Generic72T, 8P, Repro.
Joh-48-5310Johns-Manville64T, 9P
Joh-48-5381Johns-Manville64T, 9P, #U4327
Joh-48-5383Johns-Manville64T, 9P, #U-4341
Jon-48-5296Jones72T, 9P
Jon-48-5377Jones64T, 9P, #816, Thin
Jon-48-5379Jones64T, 9P
Jon-48-5380Jones64T, 9P, #816
Jon-48-5466Jones64T, 8P, #4327
Jon-48-5468Jones35T, 8P, #850
Jon-48-6984Jones85T, 8P, #850
Jon-48-6985Jones35T, 8P
Ste-48-5290Stewart64T, 8P, #9698
Ste-48-5292Stewart70T, 10P
Ste-48-5294Stewart68T, 9P
Ste-48-5297Stewart72T, 8P
Ste-48-5309Stewart74T, 7P
Ste-48-5312Stewart64T, 9P
Ste-48-5313Stewart16T, 8P
Ste-48-5314Stewart62T, 9P, #8643
Ste-48-5315Stewart64T, 10P
Ste-48-5319Stewart68T, 8P
Ste-48-5322Stewart60T, 8P, #8685
Ste-48-5363Stewart62T, 10P, #7098
Ste-48-5364Stewart62T, 10P, #8688
Ste-48-5365Stewart68T, 10P, #7131
Ste-48-5367Stewart66T, 10P, #241
Ste-48-5369Stewart66T, 10P, #11077
Ste-48-5386Stewart64T, 9P, #24, Thin
Ste-48-5388Stewart64T, 9P, #8756
Ste-48-5390Stewart64T, 9P, #42
Ste-48-5391Stewart64T, 9P, #1324
Ste-48-5394Stewart64T, 9P, #24
Ste-48-5397Stewart60T, 8P, #189
Ste-48-5399Stewart60T, 8P
Ste-48-5400Stewart60T, 8P, #8696
Ste-48-5401Stewart60T, 8P
Ste-48-5402Stewart60T, 8P, #10101
Ste-48-5403Stewart60T, 8P, #188
Ste-48-5404Stewart60T, 8P
Ste-48-5406Stewart60T, 8P, #1322, Script Logo
Ste-48-5412Stewart60T, 8P, #1322, Block Print Logo
Ste-48-5413Stewart60T, 8P, #22
Ste-48-5417Stewart60T, 8P, #22 and #1322, Thin
Ste-48-5467Stewart58T, 8P, #30333
Ste-48-6235Stewart74T, 9P, #139
Ste-48-6911Stewart60T, 8P, #11077
Ste-48-7005Stewart56T, 10P, #262, Motorcycle
Ste-48-7086Stewart53T, 10P
Ste-48-7087Stewart62T, 10P, #1096
Ste-48-7090Stewart64T, 9P, #1324
Ste-48-7091Stewart64T, 9P, #188
Ste-48-7092Stewart64T, 9P
Ste-48-7093Stewart66T, 9P, #1350
Ste-48-7094Stewart60T, 8P, #189
Ste-48-7098Stewart76T, 8P, #150
Unk-48-5287Unknown58T, 8P
Unk-48-5291Unknown71T, 10P
Unk-48-5293Unknown68T, 10P, Thin
Unk-48-5295Unknown80T, 10P, #G115
Unk-48-5311Unknown71T, 10P, #W71
Unk-48-5324Unknown56T, Thin
Unk-48-5325Unknown71T, 10P, #G138
Unk-48-5362Unknown80T, #G100
Unk-48-5392Unknown64T, 9P
Unk-48-5393Unknown64T, 9P
Unk-48-5420Unknown60T, 8P, Round T
Unk-48-7103Unknown60T, 8P
Unk-48-7104Unknown42T, 9P
Unk-48-7105Unknown63T, 9P
Unk-48-7106Unknown64T, 9P
Unk-48-7107Unknown64T, 9P
Unk-48-7108Unknown64T, 9P
Unk-48-7109Unknown68T, 9P
Unk-48-7110Unknown60T, 12P
Vee-48-5429Veeder64T, 10P
Vee-48-5430Veeder68T, 10P, Sidetooth Brass
Vee-48-5431Veeder59T, 10P
Vee-48-5432Veeder53T, 10P
Vee-48-5433Veeder48T, 10P
Vee-48-5434Veeder68T, 10P
Vee-48-7003Veeder35T, 10P, Brass
Vee-48-7100Veeder52T, 10P
Vee-48-7101Veeder68T, 8P, 2392E