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We offer a large variety of antique
speedometer parts from 1900 to 1931.
Our website offers a truly
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Sales Catalogs

At Antique Speedometer Parts &
, we buy, sell and trade parts!

Please use our online sales catalogs to
check out our stock. The Speedometer Catalog offers an inventory of over 400 restored and unrestored speedometer heads.

The Parts Catalog offers a large variety of antique speedometer parts such as replacement cables, tips, original and reproduction cable housings in brass and steel; Swivels, axle clips, brackets, wheel, fiber, and pinion gears; Parts for Jones, Stewart, Ford Special, Stewart Warner, Warner, Autometer, Van Sicklen, Johns Manville Standard, Eveready, American Magnetic, Lea, to name but a few....
Parts Guide

Our Parts Guide page provides
information about the parts we sell.
Should you have any questions while
searching the our Sales Catalog or
otherwise, give this page a try.

Antique Speedometer Parts & Supply
offers reproduced parts in brass and
more.Go to our Reproductions page to
see what is available.

The Charts page displays the
information needed to determine the
proper wheel and pinion gear
combinations that make your speedometer read correctly. These charts are chuck full of important information that will help you determine what you have and what you need. This information is usually only available at my booth at swap meets. See the Chart page to figure out what you need.
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Currently we are featuring two limited edition reproduction Maxwell Automobile Dealer Signs.
Repair Services
Antique Speeedometer Parts & Supply
does not offer repair services. However, for your convenience, our Helpful Links page offers a list of recommended antique speedometer repair specialists.
Literature Library
One of the best sources of authentic information
on antique speedometers is from original sales literature. I have collected this historical literature over many years. As a service to the antique automobile sector and website visitors, I have begun to scan and post them. So, please do check out Antique Speedometer Parts & Supply's Literature Library.
If you have any questions, items for trade or sale, new information, or just want to say hello, please give me a call!
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We do not perform repairs!
For a list of repair specialists, please visit our Helpful Links page.

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